ZBS_Tigers_front_cvrWith their long, graceful, striped bodies, tigers are beautiful looking animals. The amazing pictures in Zoobies Tigers show inspiring photos of how tigers look and act. Trigger your child’s imagination by prompting them to move and play like a tiger does. They can crawl on their hands and knees, hiding and roaming stealthily around furniture. As they pretend to be on the prowl, they can also make snarling and growling sounds like a tiger. Stretching like a tiger feels pretty good too! All you have to do is extend your right arm out in front of you like a big claw and stretch your left leg behind you at the same time. Repeat the stretch with your left and arm and your right leg. Then curl up in a ball like a sleeping tiger.

After your child is done imitating the tigers in the pictures, use new and expressive words to describe them. Talk about the color, size, and shape of each tiger in every picture. Count the number of stripes you see on a tiger’s face and look at the color of its eyes. Compare the different patterns, sizes, and colors you see in Zoobies Tigers to other objects your child plays with throughout the day.