Front_Cvr_ZB_AWondersIt goes without saying that every animal on Earth is special. Whether it’s a neighborhood cat or dog, or the flying squirrel-like Colugo from Malaysia, every animal in nature has distinct traits and abilities that make it downright amazing. The many animal profiles in Zoobooks Animal Wonders show just a small amount of the countless wonderful and amazing creatures on our planet. Some look or behave in ways we might find strange, but more often than not these qualities are exactly what help an animal survive best on Earth.

Whether it’s how they act, eat, or interact with their habitat, animals around the world are endlessly different from one another. They all have unique ways of getting food, having babies, moving around, and defending themselves. Animals that you might see every day and normally take for granted may be an animal or species someone else finds very foreign and interesting. If you really look at the creatures around you, from bugs and fish to birds and mammals, you will quickly see they all have something beautiful about them. They are all animal wonders.