Front_Cvr_ZT_TigersA tiger is one of the most recognizable animals on Earth; its entire large and powerful body boasts a beautiful coat of orange and black striped fur. But tigers don’t have this unique fur pattern just for good looks! The black stripes mimic the shadows of leaves and branches caused by sunlight in a tiger’s rain forest home, allowing the tiger to hide easier while hunting. Big, padded paws also help them walk quietly through the underbrush and surprise their prey.

Tigers are patient hunters, and wait quietly for a chance to pounce on their food. When they do decide to spring out of hiding, a long tail helps them “steer” mid-leap. After a tiger has caught something to eat, it uses its two types of teeth. Its front large, pointed canine teeth make it easy to grab and hold meat, while its sharp rear teeth cut it into small, bite-sized pieces.