North American river otters may look adorable, but their physical characteristics are for more than just cute looks. Their willowy body, powerful legs and webbed feet allow them to swim against underwater currents. They can also close their ears and nostrils underwater, relying on their eyes and whiskers to sense their environment. To help keep them warm, otters also have thick, brown, water-resistant fur. Still, otters are fun to look at, so why not see them every day with some otter wallpaper for your computer, courtesy of the Los Angeles Zoo?

Thanks to their high metabolism, North American river otters always have tons of energy fueling their playful antics. As semi-aquatic animals, they frolic both in and out of water and can even hold their breath underwater for up to eight minutes! One of their favorite activities is to slide down muddy slopes into the rivers, streams, lakes, and swamps they call home. When they finally do get tired, otters return to their dens through an underwater entrance tunnel that leads them to a nest alongside the water’s shore.