ZBS_ABabies_front_cvrFrom seal pups and kangaroo joeys to zebra foals and baby lemurs, all animals were once animal babies that ate, played and slept in different ways. Sometimes animal babies look very different from their adult parents. For example, fawns, or baby deer, have small white spots on their back. Most animal babies are also much smaller than their parents. A kangaroo joey is even small enough for its mother to carry it in her front pouch, though it will come out to eat and play.

Animal babies love to play. Some, like chimpanzees, have even been known to make silly faces at one another. A fun way to play and laugh with your child is to hold up a mirror so you can easily see both your faces. Then make all kinds of silly expressions by wiggling your eyebrows, pursing your lips, or sticking out your tongue. Soon you both will be giggling at each other’s funny faces.