ZB_LittleCats_FrontCvr (1)Housecats are quick and graceful, and their wild little cat relatives are no different. Some of the ways little cats move might remind you of housecats you’ve seen, like how they slink low to the ground to stalk their prey before they pounce. Other little cat behaviors might remind you of other animals. The clouded leopard can run up and down tree trunks like a squirrel, while the margay can hook its paws over tree branches and hang by one foot like a monkey. And though you might have heard that cats don’t like water, the fishing cat has webbing between its paw pads to help it swim, a little bit like how ducks have webbed feet to help them paddle.
Different kinds of little cats move in these different ways to help them catch their prey, which ranges from mice to lizards to insects to zebras. Caracals pounce into the air to catch birds. The fishing cat’s name gives you a clue about why it swims- it needs to be in the water so it can catch fish. With so many kinds of little cats, there are lots of ways to move!