Blue whGrey Whale Eschrichtius robustus San Ignacio Lagoon Mexico Baja California spyhopping. Image shot 02/2006. Exact date unknown.ales are the biggest animals ever to exist. They can reach lengths of up to 100 feet- as long as three school buses! Even though blue whales are enormous, the food they eat is very small. Blue whales, along with gray whales (shown), humpback whales, and many others, do not have teeth. Instead, these whales have long, comb-like plates called baleen. To eat, they take a gulp of ocean water that is full of tiny animals called krill, and then they filter the water out through their baleen and swallow the krill. Imagine how much a big animal like a whale needs to eat!
However, not all whales have baleen. Some whales, like belugas and orcas, have teeth. These whales’ sharp teeth help them catch their prey, including fish, seals, and even other whales. Dolphins and porpoises, the smallest members of the whale family, are just some of the many toothed whales that you might have heard of. How do you eat? Are you more like a baleen whale, or a toothed whale?