The pages of Zoobies PenguinsZBS_Penguins_cvr are filled with pictures of penguins on the go. These images can be a great starting place for both language development and play. When reading Zoobies with your child, you can put an extra emphasis on the words and try acting some of them out. Waddling, spinning, sliding, and snuggling are all featured in this issue- talking about these words is a great opportunity for both vocabulary building and motor development. Plus, looking at the photos while reading the words together will add meaning and foster new connections.
Another way to have fun and learn with Zoobies Penguins is to apply the content to your own lives. For example, Zoobies shows pictures of a little blue penguin, an Adélie penguin, and a king penguin, with the labels little, big, and really big. You can point out other objects around your home that are different sizes to help reinforce those concepts. There are lots of ways to learn and play, what are some of your favorites?