DuckSummer vacation is the perfect time to play outside! However, there’s a lot more to outdoor fun than playing tag and chasing down the ice cream truck. Your backyard is full of beautiful and exciting birds for you to learn all about. If you live far up north in Minnesota, you might see loons— black and white birds with red eyes—paddling in a lake. If you live in Texas, you’ll have to be quick to see a roadrunner—these long-legged desert birds are very fast.
Birds have different features based upon where they live and what they eat. For instance, hawks have sharp beaks and strong talons for catching prey, while ducks have rounded bills to scoop up water plants and webbed feet to help them swim. There are more than 9,000 different kinds of birds in the world, and they’re all different—how many can you spot in your backyard? Bring your issue of Zootles outside with you and see what you can learn!