Bull shark photoYou are probably familiar with the five senses that humans have, but sharks are able to sense the world in completely different ways. They have the same senses we do, though with some differences. People often talk about sharks’ sense of smell, which lets some species detect one drop of blood in a million drops of water, but their best sense is probably their hearing. Some sharks can hear their prey swimming from 3,000 feet away. They can also tell the direction the sound is coming from to help them find their prey.

In addition to the senses that we share with sharks, they have some extra ways to learn about the world around them. They have tiny pit-like organs in their snouts called ampullae of Lorenzini that allow them to detect the electrical impulses given off by all living things. By tracking these tiny traces of electricity, sharks are able to find their prey even when it’s hidden from view. Sharks can also detect movements in the water around them with their lateral line organs. By picking up churning motions in the water caused by fish swimming nearby, sharks are able to find their next meal. Imagine what the world must be like with all of these extra senses!