Has reading Zootles Backyard Birds 946340_10151808364584532_59674040_ninspired you to go outside and see some birds for yourself? If you’re ready to see the world of birds right in your backyard, here are some tips!
Remember to be very quiet. Many birds are easily startled, so keep your voice down to avoid scaring them away. Being quiet can also help you hear your feathered friends. Lots of birds blend into their surroundings, and you might have more luck spotting them if you first listen for their calls rather than try to see them. Since birds can be hard to spot, you should look at the environment around you for clues about what kinds of birds are around. Feathers, bird footprints, and nests can all tell you about the birds that might be nearby.
When you do see a bird, try writing about or drawing what you see. Birdwatchers of all ages keep notebooks describing what kinds of birds they saw, along with notes about the bird’s habitat, other animals nearby, and even the weather. What kinds of things will you discover when you head out for some backyard birdwatching?