Reading about the playful, intelligent, social wolves in Zoobooks might have reminded you of another animal: dogs. Dogs are descended from wolves, and while they have been domesticated over time, they still have much in common with their wild ancestors. The games and toys that wolves at the Hogle Zoo in Utah like to play with are also a lot of fun for dogs, and the keepers there have some tips for getting your dog in touch with its wild side. Try to engage your dog’s senses with toys that make sounds when played with, like paper bags or leaf piles, or have a scent that your dog will love, like a bone. Just make sure that the bone doesn’t have any splinters that could hurt your furry friend!

Don’t have a dog? The Hogle Zoo has some great tips for cat-lovers too. If you read Zoobooks Little Cats a few months ago, then you might remember learning about the speed, flexibility, and hunting skills of cats’ wild relatives. The Hogle Zoo’s keepers suggest toys that cats can chase and smell. The Hogle Zoo’s cats enjoy fresh herbs, feather chasers, and snake sheds—see what your cat thinks!