Polar Bear cubs with mother in snow. Image shot 2007. Exact date unknown.In the latest issue of Zootles Bears, you can learn all about what bears need to stay healthy and strong. Bears need to keep warm, especially polar bears that live in cold places. Polar bears have black skin under their thick white coats, since the color black absorbs more heat and keeps the bears warmer. When it’s really cold, baby polar bears huddle against their mothers. Bears also need to eat plenty of good foods to stay healthy. Different bears have different diets- pandas eat bamboo, while other bears might eat fish, berries, honey, seals, and insects. At the end of the day, bears need a nice place to go to sleep. Many bears sleep in dens, but some black bears snooze in trees too.

Humans need a lot of the same things that bears do—good food, caring parents, ways to keep warm, and safe places to sleep. When you’re reading Zootles, think about what else humans have in common with bears and what makes us different!