ZT_Bears Pg_12_ArtThis month’s issue of Zootles contains lots of great facts about Bears, but that’s not the only way that it engages young minds! Stories are one of the best ways to get kids involved and excited about learning, and Zootles Bears contains both a short story and a poem.
The story “Barry’s Very Grown-Up Day” gives young readers a set of characters—Barry the bear cub and his mother—to follow through a busy day of learning how to find food. Children can relate to Barry as he learns lessons from his mother, and the plot presents details about bears’ lives in a way that engages young readers. Similarly, the poem “Little Bear Burrows In” gives readers a scene to imagine: a bear preparing its den for the winter. Poems like this one engage readers of all ages by capturing our imaginations, which helps the facts we learn stick.
The stories in Zootles probably aren’t the only stories about bears that you and your child have enjoyed reading together. Animals have always played an important part in our stories—what are some of your family’s favorites to read together?