Herman's Tortoise - Testudo hermanniZoobies Turtles is full of words and ideas that can help build your child’s vocabulary. Some of these words, like “crawl” and “hide,” are accompanied with photographs of turtles acting out those words, and you can help build on your child’s understanding by encouraging them to act them out too.  With other words, like “bumpy” and “smooth,” you might find it helpful (and fun!) to find objects around your house that those words describe. For example, a smooth apple and a bumpy orange that your child can actually touch can help reinforce the ideas presented by photos of turtles with smooth and bumpy shells.

Zoobies suggests boosting vocabulary both at home and out and about. We recommend the grocery store as a good place to learn, since it’s full of objects that can help your child learn words relating to texture, shape, color, and size. Where else can you and your child learn?