Has reading about the animal champions in the latest issue of Zoobooks  got your family ready to stretch your muscles and see how you can be champions too? Then you should check out the Minnesota Zoo’s website! It’s packed with fun ideas for staying healthy, along with amazing animal facts. For example, there are lots of animal-themed exercises and stretches to try out—can you stretch like a tiger or leap like a leapfrog? Comparing your exercise moves to your favorite animals will make playtime even more fun.
The website also teaches kids about the foods that the zoo animals eat to stay healthy and gives you a chart where you can compare the fruits, grains, and vegetables in your diet with what animals like gibbons and grizzly bears at the zoo eat. Lots of the foods are the same, like apples and carrots, but some of the animals’ food doesn’t sound so tasty to us—can you imagine eating dog food?
Visit the Minnesota Zoo’s website today and strengthen your body and mind!