ZT Ants IFC_01You might think that humans don’t have much in common with ants—how could we be much like these tiny creatures? But if you read the latest issue of Zootles, you’ll find lots of things that we have in common with these industrious insects!

Both ants and humans use their bodies to sense the world and get around, but we do so in different ways. Ants and humans both use their legs to walk, but ants also use them to hear. Instead of having ears like we do, they sense vibrations with their knees to learn about their surroundings. Communication is important for both humans and ants, but we do so in different ways. While humans communicate through speech, gestures, and other means, ants use their antennae to communicate.

Ants also have different jobs, a lot like humans do. Some ants are workers who collect food for their colony. Others take care of the queen and her larvae in the nursery. There are other ant workers who serve as soldiers to defend the colony and builders to keep the ant hill tunnels ship-shape. Can you think of jobs that humans have that are like these ant jobs?