ZT Ants IFC_01There are lots of great ways to learn, and one of our favorites is through stories and poems. Engaging with characters in a story and enjoying the rhythm, sounds, and figurative language in a poem can make the facts in these pieces all the more memorable for readers of all ages. In the latest issues of Zootles, you can find both a story and a poem. The poem “Ants at Work” explains the way that different kinds of ants in a colony take on different tasks and work together. Young readers will learn about ants whose jobs include digging tunnels, guarding the nest, and taking care of the baby ants—ask your kids if they can think of jobs like these that people have!

This issue also includes a story about a day in the life of two worker ants, sisters named Meena and Attalina. Reading about their adventures cutting leaves to haul back to their nest will make learning about leaf-cutter ants more fun and memorable. Maybe when your children have finished reading the stories and poems in Zootles, they’ll write a story of their own!