ImageThis winter, learn all about one of our favorite cold-climate animals: seals! Many seals live in arctic and Antarctic regions, where a thick layer of blubber keeps them warm even in icy waters. But not all seals live where it’s cold—Hawaiian monk seals live in a tropical paradise. When it’s too hot, they sleep in wet sand to cool off.

Seals come in all shapes and sizes. Baby seals triple their weight in three weeks, thanks to a rich diet of milk that’s almost half fat. The largest seal is the elephant seal. A fully grown male can weigh over 5,000 pounds—as much as a truck! Scientists study all the different kinds of seals to learn more about them and their environment. But even if you don’t live near any seals, you can watch the animals that live near you to learn more about nature. What kinds of animals can you spot by your house?