At first glance, seals seem pretty different from us humans! They live in the water and get around with flippers instead of having feet like us. But when you take a closer look, you can see lots that we have in common. Humans and seals are both mammals—we have fur (or hair), warm blood, and our babies drink their mothers’ milk. And even if we don’t look much alike, we learn about the world around us in some of the same ways. You might not be able to see seals’ tiny ear openings, but they listen just like we do.

Even though we move around in different ways a lot of the time, we can do some of the same things. Even though we don’t live in the water, humans can swim like seals (but maybe not as well as seals can!). And seals breathe air and can come up on land. Their back flippers aren’t good for moving on land, though, so they’re not very graceful. Pretend that you’re a seal—can you try to get around without using your feet?