Can’t get enough of the incredible insects in the latest issue of Zoobooks? Then check out the San Diego Zoo’s website! They have a whole section of their site devoted to arthropods, the branch of animals that includes insects and spiders. When you click on one of their colorful photos, you’re taken to a page where you learn all about that animal, including its diet, habitat, and facts about its babies. For instance, did you know that dragonfly larvae (called nymphs) have gills that let them breathe underwater? You do now!
There are many different insects to read about, from the familiar, like butterflies, to ones that you might not have heard about before, like the sunburst diving beetle. But even if you pick an animal that you already know a thing or two about, you’re sure to walk away with some great new facts. For instance, even though most butterflies float along at 5-12 miles per hour, skipper butterflies can reach speeds of up to 37 miles per hour! What will you learn when you visit the San Diego Zoo’s site?