ZT Animal Babies IFC_01Spring will be here in just a few short weeks, and pretty soon you’ll start seeing lots of baby animals learning to run and fly! But yards, parks, and zoos aren’t the only places you’ll be able to find baby animals—they’re in the newest issue of Zootles too. This issue focuses on the young of many kinds of animals, from tiny tamarin monkeys to giant polar bears. There are plenty of colorful photographs to show your little reader all of these animals, along with fun facts. You might think that your growing kids are always hungry, but at least they don’t need as much food as baby birds—baby robins need their parents to bring them thirty meals every single day!

Not only does Zootles offer great animal facts, but each issue makes animals come to life for young readers with stories and poems. The short story “Springtime in the Swamp” features a frisky otter pup learning all about his watery home. After reading this story together, encourage your “pup” to write an animal story of their own!