Hippos are some of the world’s biggest animals—they can weigh up to 7,000 pounds, which is more than most SUVs. Animals this big need to fuel up with a lot of food. Hippos in the wild eat at night, when it’s cool enough for them to leave their mud wallows and head ashore for grass, herbs, and leaves. A hippo can eat up to 200 pounds of food in one night! However, menu for the hippos at the Philadelphia Zoo  is a little different. The Zoo’s hippos eat 12 pounds of vegetation (mostly lettuce) a day, as well as herbivore pellets and about 50 pounds of hay. You can watch a video of their hippos chomping on some lettuce here.
There’s more on the Philadelphia Zoo’s website than just facts about how hippos eat. You can also learn all about these animals’ behavior, some facts about Cindy and Unna, the hippos living at the Zoo, and about how people are working to help hippos living in the wild. Check it out!