European fallow deer, fawn - (Dama dama dama)It’s finally spring, and any day now you might start seeing animal babies around your neighborhood. Animal parents work hard to keep their babies safe, warm, and well-fed. Robin parents bring their chicks up to thirty meals a day to help them grow strong, while mammal moms feed their babies milk. Cheetah parents groom their cubs, and bear parents teach their cubs how to catch salmon so that they can hunt on their own when they grow up.

Some animals are bigger and stronger when they’re babies than others. Marsupials are mammals that are born very small and spend a few months in their mothers’ pouches until they’re bigger, while some animals can get around on their own right away–baby deer, called fawns, can walk and run just a few minutes after they’re born. It takes human babies a lot longer than that to learn how to walk! What are some other differences you can find between human and animal babies?