Rattlesnakes back photoLots of people are afraid of snakes. They might not like the squirmy way that snakes move, or they’re afraid of getting bitten. But learning about rattlesnakes in the latest issue of Zoobooks might help you realize how amazing these animals are—and might make you less scared of them. For instance, a rattlesnake’s rattle can be heard from 60 feet away. It’s a warning sign for other animals to stay away—they’d much rather avoid a fight than pick one!
Rattlesnakes aren’t the biggest snakes out there, but the largest rattlers reach up to six feet long. Most of them are much smaller, though. And even though they’re long, their bodies are thin, enabling them to wriggle into holes to catch their prey. At most, rattlesnakes weigh fifteen pounds, and their internal organs are long and thin too—a rattlesnake only has one lung, which stretches throughout most of its body.
The more you learn about rattlesnakes, the more interesting you might find them. Zoobooks is a great place to start—you can learn about how rattlesnakes use their keen senses to hunt their prey, how they get around by slithering (and even swimming), and more.