ZT Giraffes IFC_01 photoThe giraffes in the latest issue of Zootles are the tallest land animals in the world—the largest ones can reach heights of nearly twenty feet! A giraffe’s neck is six feet long, but they still only have seven neck bones, just like humans do—theirs are a lot bigger, though. Their necks aren’t the only giant thing about giraffes. Their eyeballs are as big as doorknobs, and their hooves are as big as dinner plates. Their purple tongues can be a foot and a half long, and even though giraffes look gangly, they’re still pretty heavy—large male giraffes tip the scales at 4,000 pounds.

Baby giraffes are obviously much smaller than their parents, but they’re still a lot bigger than human babies. Baby giraffes can be six feet tall and weigh up to 150 pounds. They can usually stand just an hour after birth, and in their first two weeks of life, they can grow an inch taller each day. It’s no wonder these fast-growing calves quickly grow into some of the world’s biggest animals!