ZT Giraffes front cover photoZootles Giraffes has all kinds of great things for kids to read. They can learn all about these amazing animals, like how giraffes’ tongues are purple and a foot and a half long, and how their long necks only have seven bones, just like ours. But in addition to providing scientific facts, Zootles can help children learn to think creatively. The story “Giraffe Kindergarten,” which tells about a baby giraffe named Oni learning how to find food and play with other giraffes, invites kids to imagine a giraffe family while still featuring lots of information. The poem “Giraffe Kisses” uses language to conjure up images of a giraffe grooming its baby, and just might inspire your kids to try their hand at writing poems of their own.
Science and creativity go hand in hand—the ability to look at the world in new ways, imagine how to explore it, and to communicate findings to others are all important parts of being a scientist. What can your little scientist dream up with Zootles?