For your weekly fix of adorable animals, the Cincinnati Zoo’s got you covered! Their website features lots of great videos of their animals, including a baby zebra like the ones in the newest issue of Zoobooks! The baby is a Grevy’s zebra, which is different from the more common plains zebras. You can tell them apart because while Plains Zebras have thick stripes, Grevy’s zebras’ stripes are fine and look a little like the lines in your fingerprint. Grevy’s zebras are endangered, so it’s important that zoos help breed more.
The baby zebra in the video, a female, is only a week old, but she’s pretty big and is already running around. That’s because zebras, like lots of prey animals, have to be able to run away from predators like lions, hyenas, and leopards, even when they’re young. But because this baby zebra isn’t in any danger from predators, she’s just running for fun!