Summer might be winding down, but there’s still some warm weather left for your kids to go outside and explore some of the animals right in your backyard: insects! The Brookfield Zoo has lots of fun activities for budding entomologists (scientists who study insects) of all ages. You can learn how to make a pillbug habitat, learn the difference between butterflies and moths, and even build a butterfly feeder. There are also virtual games, like Build a Bug, which allows kids to design their own insect, choosing different features for qualities like speed and strength, and then guide their bug through a virtual world and answer insect trivia questions along the way.
You can also learn all kinds of great insect facts on the Brookfield Zoo’s website. For instance, you can learn about how butterflies taste with their feet, which helps them identify the plants that they land on and determine which plants to eat and where to lay their eggs. Meanwhile, ants can lift up to fifty times their own weight with their mandibles (part of their mouths). Imagine if you could taste with your feet or hold up a car with your jaw!