African_elephant_infant_(6987533809)You’d be surprised how much your little reader has in common with one of the world’s biggest animals. In the latest issue of Zoobies, you and your child can explore everyone’s favorite gentle giant: the elephant. When you read the book together, see how many things that people have in common with elephants— we both play in the water to stay cool and live in loving family groups. What other similarities can you find?
Another great way to bring the book to life for your child is by encouraging them to act out the motions of the elephants in the book. Can they pretend to daintily pluck a small branch with their “trunk” like the elephant on page six? How about marching in big, stomping steps like the herd of elephants on page 12? Let us know how you and your family use Zoobies to learn and play!

Image source: Wikimedia Commons