Ein juveniler Schimpanse isst eine Frucht im Gombe Stream National ParkChimpanzees aren’t monkeys—they’re great apes, like gorillas and humans. And not only are we closely related to chimps, but we have a lot of behaviors in common with them too. They are some of the only animals to make and use tools—they “fish” for termites with sticks. Chimpanzees are also highly social, just like humans. They live in close family units and take care of their babies for years.
Unfortunately, some of chimps’ similarities to humans have led to trouble for them. Many chimps are captured for use in medical experiments. But the biggest threat to chimps is that they live on land that humans would like to use for logging. The destruction of their habitats has led to chimpanzees becoming endangered, and if things don’t change for the better, they could become extinct in the next hundred years. It’s important for us to find ways to share our planet with all of our fellow animals!

Image source: Wikimedia Commons