Hawksbill_Sea_Turtle_Carey_de_Concha_(5840602412)In the newest issue of Zootles, you can meet all kinds of amazing turtles and tortoises. What’s the difference? Turtles live part or all of their lives in the water, while tortoises live only on dry land. They come in all shapes and sizes, and this issue is full of fun facts, engaging activities, and gorgeous photos for you and your child to enjoy and learn from.

Lots of things that you might have assumed about turtles turn out to be not entirely true. For example, despite their reputation for being slow, some turtles are among fastest-moving reptiles. Though they’re not very quick on land, leatherback sea turtles can swim at speeds over 20 miles per hour. And while you might think that all turtles can pull their necks into their shells, sea turtles can’t—though freshwater-dwelling box turtles have hinged shells that help them fit their heads, legs, and tails inside!

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons