Lots of families visit zoos in the summer when the weather’s warm, but even though we’re coming into winter, there are still plenty of reasons to come to the zoo. Some of the animals that are sluggish in the hot summer are more active and playful when the weather’s cooler, and you can see young animals born earlier in the year who are now out for the public to see! Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo has a whole section of their website dedicated to their newest animal babies, so even if you can’t make it there in person, you can still see the animals in photos and videos.
Some highlights of Woodland Park Zoo are their lion cub triplets born in October. They’re still in a den with their mom, but they’ll be on display in the coming months. They also have a baby porcupine (called a porcupette) named Marty, along with young otters, baby birds, and a jaguar cub. Do you see any of the animals that you read about in your latest issue of Zoobooks?