Zoobooks Orangutans will be swinging into your mailbox starting today and through next week. If you’re not a subscriber, then find it at Barnes and Noble and other select newsstands or order it at http://www.zoobooks.com/.

Inside this issue young wildlife explorers will see the anatomy of an orangutan as only Zoobooks shows it. They’ll learn why orangutans with arms one-and-a-half times as long as their legs are so well adapted to swinging from tree to tree in the canopy of the tropical rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo.

They’ll also see a comparison of a human skeleton to that of an orangutan and find out fascinating parallels like humans and orangutans both have 32 teeth, unique fingerprints, and males of both species grow beards.

They’ll see mother orangutans in the tree tops with their babies and find out how they care for their young for up to ten years. They’ll find spectacular photos that demonstrate orangutan social structure and behavior.  

Of course, there is a reminder that orangutan habitat is threatened by logging for timber and palm oil plantations. In later posts, we’ll share more about efforts to help these beautiful animals survive.

For now, start watching your mailbox for this fascinating Zoobooks that chronicles one of the most spellbinding primates: orangutans.