The new hoppin’ topic of this month’s Zootles issue is the fabulous frog. Frogs are known for making loud croaking noises using the balloon-like vocal sac under their chin, or leaping around on their powerful hind legs. Meanwhile, their webbed feet and sticky toes and fingers make frogs star swimmers and climbers. Frogs are also famous for their long, sticky tongues that make catching flies and other insects for dinner so easy and quick.

Another big part of being a frog is growing up from an egg to a grown up frog in a remarkable change called metamorphosis. After spending some time growing inside its egg, a tadpole with a head, body, and tail breaks out and swims away, eating plants and using its gills to breathe underwater. Eventually, the tadpole’s tail will disappear and it will grow four legs. Finally, its gills will be replaced with lungs that allow it to breathe air above the surface of the water. It is after this step in metamorphosis that a tadpole has at last become a frog and will leave the water to live on land. Frogs still need water however, so they live near ponds and streams.